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Payment Method

Payment FAQS

1. Which payment methods do you accept?

You should be used by credit card such as Visa, MasterCard and so on.
Credit Pay, you could use your visa credit card to buy dresses through this method.
Western Union, offline choice and it’s much popular recently. You have to transfer money through bank and then tell us the MTCN information; our customer service staff will confirm your payment and reset the order status.

2. How can I change payment methods?

You can go back to “Order Status” and choose the order you’d like to pay and then you will be lead to the payment page to choose the method, please check carefully and choose your convenient one.
Please note: If you like to pay with your credit card, please make sure the following things
The network is ok
The card is valid and there’s enough credit to use.

3. When will I be charged for my items?

Once your payment status is changed to "paid" you will be charged for your order. After that, your payment will be confirmed and your order will be processed in 24 hours.

4. How do I use a coupon?

When you have chosen your items and are ready to pay, you will first go to the "place Order" page. Before you pay for the order, there’s a box to enter your coupon code and then submit your payment.

5. How can I view prices in my currency?

The default currency shown on our website is US dollars, but it can be easily set into the following currencies for your convenience.
US Dollar ($)
Euro (€)
GB Pound (£)
Canadian Dollar (CA$)
Australian Dollar (AU$)
To change into the currency you want, click the “change currency” button next to the total price. Point your mouse over the currency symbol to see a drop-down menu of all available currencies and choose the one you want.